We can help you understand, and appeal your real estate property tax.

What the book will teach you

Less than 4% of property owners in North America have ever challenged their property tax assessment, most are unsure of the process and continue overpaying their tax liability. Our eBook is short for 2 reasons, first the process is not that difficult and secondly, if it were longer most would never read it.

What most forget

Learn what over 75% of those appealing property tax fail to do.

What evidence to provide

If you were going to court you would need a certain amount of evidence. We provide options for evidence that will work in any appeal situation. Evidence that you can easily attain.

What to file? When? Where?

Are you unsure what forms? Where? Our guide will tell you or you can inquire in our members forums. Do not go at it alone.

Property Values

How do property values in your area impact the amount of tax you may have to pay?

Are you paying too much property tax?

We have helped thousands appeal their property tax.

Our mission is to educate property owners about their real estate assessments and the appeal process, and we strive to achieve this goal by offering useful information into local real estate regulations. We have become the internet’s #1 resource for state and county property tax information. Our websites receive over 6 Million visitors annually looking for help with their property taxes. To say we wrote the book is an understatement, see how else we assist property owners:

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